Sizing Guide

Small Units

Ready to get your garage or closet back?

5x10 Unit

It’s like a standard walk-in closet. Approximately 50 square feet, this unit holds a dozen boxes, a desk and chair, and a mattress and box spring.

Medium Units

Renovating and need some extra space?

10x10 Unit

Approximately 100 square feet, this space can hold the contents of several rooms. You could fit an entire bedroom set, a couch, and a kitchen table.

10x15 Unit

Use this space to store the contents of a small house or a two-bedroom apartment: two couches, two mattress sets, a coffee table, fridge, and TV.

10x20 Unit

The size of a one-car garage, this space can hold a fridge, washer and dryer, three mattress sets, a dining room set, bookcases, couches, and boxes.

Large Units

Ok – time to store the whole house 🙂

12x30 Unit

Fit the contents of a three- to four-bedroom house. This 360 square foot space holds many mattress sets, dining room sets, couches, and boxes.

Outdoor Parking


Park a standard 16’ trailer with ease and get your driveway back!